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About Us

We started with the idea of making it easier for customers to enjoy high-quality jewelry. We will continue to strive to be a jeweler that is close to our customers.


About One-of-a-kind fine jewelry
・ Comes with a certificate issued by a gemological appraisal and identification organization
・ Made in Japan
・ Each one is carefully handmade by craftsmen.

* If our One-of-a-kind fine jewelry is sold out, you can still purchase it as a custom order. *We cannot create it exactly the same, but we can create it with the similar design.


All natural stone jewelry
・ Creations inspired by beautiful natural stones

・ Produced with stones that can be understood in detail (presence or absence of treatment treatment, method, etc.)


About round melee diamonds of 0.25ct or less that we handle
In early 2017, a screening of melee diamonds at the GIA Institute in Mumbai revealed that one-third of the stones were lab-grown diamonds. In late 2017, legendary diamond analyst Chaim Even-Zohar estimated that $ 750 million worth of lab-grown diamonds entered the global supply chain in 2016.

Based on the above, the round melee diamonds we use in jewelry are screened by GIA specialists using GIA's proprietary technology.


For other melee diamonds and stones in general

Each piece of jewelry is screened by a gemological laboratory and comes with a certificate of authenticity. A certificate is attached. It is also included in some series of jewelry.


About CanadaMark diamonds
・Quality meets responsibility
・Guarantee to be conflict free
・Responsibly sourced from Canada’s Northwest Territories
・Exceptional color, clarity, and luster with low levels of fluorescence
・ Natural and untreated.
CanadaMark diamonds come from pristine mines in Ekati, Diavik and Gahcho Kue, north of Canada, about 200 km south of the Arctic. The audit process from origin to polished stones is tracked. These mines are subject to strict environmental agreements with the territory of the local Aboriginal group ethnic group and the federal government.
Mining in Canada is governed by more stringent regulations than other countries.

The CanadaMark guarantees the well-being of the local environment by operating under strict regulations to protect the land, water, air and wildlife of the mining site. They say they work with indigenous peoples of both old and new generations of land to help maintain traditional knowledge and protect land and wildlife for future generations.


About Hearts and Arrows diamonds
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are precision cut variations of 57-58 faceted round brilliant cuts. It is cut to an ideal ratio with good optical symmetry, polishing and a specific facet pattern. It has eight contrasting arrows on the front (crown) of the diamond and eight contrasting hearts on the back (pavilion). The original was surfaced in Japan in the mid-1980s by embodying three important design elements.

Less than 1% of diamonds worldwide are cut with the precision of heart-and-arrow optical symmetry. This is mainly due to the large amount of coarse diamond that requires additional polishing to create a diamond with this precise optical symmetry. Polishers can take up to three times as long to cut a diamond of this quality, and the waste of the coarse material of the original diamond is much greater. Using special tools and high quality cutting wheels, and in some cases at 100x magnification, the factory needs to carry out careful analysis at every stage of production. Diamonds cut this way are more valuable and shine more beautifully than the average cut diamond.


About the certificate issuing agency
Jewelery and jewelry certificates handled by Ery, C Jewelry are issued by the following organizations.
・CGL (Central Gem Laboratory)
・GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
・IGI (International Gemological Institute)


About ring resizing
It will be free of charge only once when you place an order.

After delivery, there will be a charge for this service.


About care and repair
A note with care instructions will be included with your order.

If your Ery,C jewelry needs repair, please contact at


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